Tips for improving safety standards when using tractors or machinery

Many serious farm accidents involve tractors and machinery.

Inexperienced operators, human error, speed, lack of concentration, unguarded parts (especially the PTO shaft) and poor mechanical condition are the main causes of accidents involving tractors and machinery on the farm. Many of these accidents are fatal.

To ensure your safety and the safety of others, the IFA  has put together a list of tips to make your use use of tractors, machinery, and vehicles safer.

Farmers are advised to ensure that they:

  • Keep all tractors, machinery and vehicles in proper working order, especially safety features.
  • Plan and prepare for all work with machinery.
  • Always allow adequate time for the job.
  • Drive at a safe speed, excessive speed kills.
  • Only allow competent trained persons to operate tractors and machinery.
  • Ensure loads on trailers are properly secured.
  • Do not allow anyone to ride on towed equipment.
  • Ensure that tractors driven on the road have a good braking system and tyres, as well as adequate mirrors, lights, wipers and indicating system.
  • Ensure machinery and guards are maintained in good condition and that guards are replaced after maintenance work.
  • Turn off machine at power source, remove keys and ensure stored power is released before attempting to free blockages.
  • Keep cab tidy so that nothing can get caught under the pedals or in any of the levers.

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