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Forest and Garden Equipment Safety Podcast with Andy Walsh

On this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Andy Walsh, Aftermarket Manager with Husqvarna Forest and Garden Equipment.

Andy’s area of expertise with regard to farm safety would primarily have to do with the operation and maintenance of chainsaws. He has worked with Teagasc, IFA, and the Department of Forestry and has provided presentations, in conjunction with these organisations, to groups of farmers country-wide covering chainsaw safety on the farm. Andy also carries out ‘Chainsaw Clinics’ nationwide in conjunction with local dealers over an eight year period prior to the Covid restrictions.

In this podcast hosted by our Farm Safely CEO Máirtín Breathnach, Andy discusses the importance of safety when it comes to forest and garden Equipment.

Andy discusses his role in Husqvarna and the growth of the forestry and garden equipment industry over the past forty years. He highlights the importance of training and support when it comes to using equipment safely.

Furthermore, Andy details the various safety issues when it comes to forestry and garden equipment, and the various precautions that can be taken. He stresses that the best way to handle equipment safely is to have the neccesary expertise and training, and to never become complacent while using potentially dangerous equipment.

To listen to the podcast in full on Spotify, please click here. To listen on Soundcloud, please click here.


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