HSA Publish Ambitious Programme of Work For 2023

The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) has published a Programme of Work which details the key priorities for 2023. The work programme reflects the current trends and direction in workplaces and society and how the Authority will respond as it delivers on its vision of healthy, safe and productive lives and enterprises across Ireland.

  • The Authority’s programme of Work for 2023 will build on the work commenced in 2022 on driving awareness and uptake of the safety representative role. This role is of strategic importance to the Authority and, together with employees and employers, the Authority will provide advice and supports to increase the numbers of safety representatives across all sectors and engage with them as we complete inspections.
  • The Authority will also explore options for influencing and enhancing engagement with several sectors including health and social care, which is a priority sector.
  • As a result of the establishment of a new division with a focus on Occupational Health, the Authority is now positioned to give even greater focus to occupational health hazards such as those arising from exposure to chemical and biological agents and from psychosocial and ergonomic risks. This focus will be visible in our inspection efforts across all sectors and in how we provide guidance and advice to employees and employers.
  • The Authority will be increasing inspections numbers and focusing on particular work activities and workplaces through a range of proactive inspections and targeted campaigns.
  • There will be a continued focus on increasing engagement with current and future clients and building awareness of the role that accreditation can play in society and business
  • The Authority’s chemicals and market surveillance programmes will have a strong EU focus in 2023 as they participate in joint EU enforcement activities and contribute to developments in relation to the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability towards a Toxic Free Environment.

In presenting the Authority’s Programme of Work for 2023, Mark Cullen, Interim Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority, said, “I’m delighted to present this, our second Programme of Work, under our current Strategy 2022-2024. Throughout the implementation of this Programme of Work, we will be setting out to achieve tangible outcomes, driving awareness of the role of the safety representative in Irish enterprises, increasing our work in the area of occupational health, expanding our work in the areas of accreditation, chemical and market surveillance and delivering on focused inspection campaigns throughout the year ahead.”

“In order to achieve our ambitious programme of work, we are committed to collaboration, consultation and communication with all stakeholders. We believe that this model is one that needs to be in place in all workplaces so that everyone contributes to the vision for healthy and safe lives and enterprises across IrelandEnsuring our continued internal efforts on increasing the Authority’s resources, developing our staff and implementing new IT infrastructures will mean our stakeholders will see an Authority that is meeting their expectations and requirements not just in 2023, but for the future too.

Tom Coughlan, Chairperson of the Health and Safety Authority, said on presenting the Programme of Work 2023 stated, “as a tripartite Board, with representatives from employee and employer stakeholders as members, we recognise the importance of constructive and co-operative engagement in meeting the goal of safe and healthy workplaces for all and we encourage employers and employees to continue to engage and work with the Authority in achieving this. We look forward to working with HSA colleagues in achieving the ambitious goals next year, ensuring we are delivering for Irish Enterprises and workers.”

Source: Health & Safety Authority

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