Deadly Pig Virus Could Spread Further in Asia

According to the United Nation’s (UN’s) Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Fears are growing that the recent “rapid onset” of African Swine Fever (ASF) in China may result in the virus spreading to other Asian countries.

At present there is no effective vaccine to protect pigs from the disease although there is said to be no direct threat to humans.

Since its first detection in China, a reported 24,000 have had to be destroyed in four separate provinces in an effort to contain any further outbreak.

Speaking about the ongoing situation the FAO’s chief veterinarian, Juan Lubroth, said: “The movement of pig products can spread diseases quickly and, as in this case of African Swine Fever, it’s likely that the movement of such products – rather than live pigs – has caused the spread of the virus to other parts of China.”

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