A valuable application of the Blockchain is its ability to tell the ‘farm to fork’ story in great detail. Here’s how it can help the Irish dairy sector on the global stage.

Claru is a Cork-based company using Blockchain technology to bring transparency to the food supply chain, specifically within the Irish dairy sector.

Consumers appear more discerning, more willing to pay a premium for healthy, environmentally-friendly and ethically produced food. Transparency is predicted to become the largest differentiator for food brands in the near future.

Pictured above: John O’Reilly

Claru’s CEO John O’Reilly explains how the Blockchain can benefit the Irish dairy sector.

What’s your value proposition?

We’re providing transparency to the food supply chain using Blockchain technology. Food and dairy producers can share an end-to-end view of the product’s journey from farm to fork; all in great detail.

At its simplest what is the Blockchain?
The Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger; it is particularly useful in tracking value as a product moves between independent parties in a supply chain. The data it holds is public and immutable.

“Consumers no longer trust product claims or labelling. ”

Are you fixing a problem? Is the problem urgent?
Yes. Today’s consumer is much more discerning. It’s no longer just about cost or brand; there are factors such as dietary considerations, sustainability, ethical production approach and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Traditionally the producer would address these concerns with new product labelling, but research shows that consumers no longer trust product claims or labelling. People want access to the product’s data – what field it came from, the name of the farmer.

In parallel, the food production sector is becoming much more regulated and similar to the pharmaceutical sector regarding tracking and traceability.

“They are guaranteeing future business and avoiding price wars with lower cost brands.”

Why is using the Blockchain better than existing solutions?
The Blockchain can generate a holistic view of a product’s journey from “farm to fork”.

Can you add value for the food processor?
Yes. We believe the producer will use our platform to maintain and build consumer trust in their product’s brand. In protecting and growing their market share, they are guaranteeing future business and avoiding price wars with lower cost brands.

Peter Drucker said that the customer rarely buys what the company thinks it sells –any thoughts?

In a recent interview with the Irish Farmer’s Journal, brand manager for OrNua, Ciara O’Callaghan highlighted the importance of Kerrygold’s consumer-facing brand and it being on track to become a €1bn global dairy brand. Farmers and producers and keenly aware of the value of Irish dairy products. We can protect Irish dairy’s reputation and build on it using the Blockchain.


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