Top five apps for the autodidact

While college is important, particularly in the information age, there is much to be said for the autodidact.

In the age of technology, and the internet, it’s never been easier to educate yourself.

Here, we’ve included our top 5 apps that will help with learning, for readers who are too busy to enrol this year.

  1. Dualingo

Ever thought of learning another language? This app makes the process pain-free.

Through a series of mini-games, learn to speak French, German, Spanish, or another language. Soon your vocabulary and grammar will be like that of a native speaker.


2.Art authority

This app allows you to look a massive library of artists and their work, all at the click of a button. From Bansky to Da Vinci, learn about the artist of your choice, their background, biography and story.

It’s regularly updated as well, so you can count on a growing database to delve in to.



Another language learning app that made it to our list, Memerise utilises a choice of thousands of course that have been developed scientifically, to make your learning experience all the easier.

There are hundreds of languages to choose from. Why not give one of the hundreds of languages available it a try?


Maths can be very, very difficult, and sometimes, even calculators don’t help. This app allows you to take a picture of whatever problem you’re working on, and it will show you how to solve it!

Decimals, fractions, equations -learn mathematics with this simple and easy tool for your camera.


There are countless hours of lectures, podcasts, vlogs and more on YouTube, and they’re completely free of charge! The YouTube app makes it easier than ever.

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