Staying safe with chemicals on farms

Chemicals such as fertilizers, detergents, oils, disinfectants and plant protection products can play a key role in everyday life on the farm.

Important as they are, these chemical could pose a risk if not used safely. The potential harm caused by these chemicals depends on a number of factors including how dangerous the chemicals may be and how long and how frequent you are exposed to them.

Remember, chemicals also occur naturally on farms, such as slurry gases, and can also be dangerous.

Exposure to chemicals can result in health effects such as cancer, birth defects, burns, skin rashes, and lung, liver or kidney disease. When using chemicals on the farm, it is important to
be aware of how dangerous they are. It is also of vital importance to ensure that necessary steps have been set in place to keep you, your family and the environment safe.

Here is a quick reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts when using chemicals:

  • Do study the label and the safety data sheet
  • Do read and follow the instructions before use
  • Do use any protective clothing recommended
  • Do keep chemicals locked away and out of reach of children
  • Do dispose of empty containers safely
  • Don’t transfer chemicals into unmarked containers
  • Don’t use flammable chemicals near sources of ignition
  • Don’t mix chemicals, unless you are sure they don’t react
  • Don’t enter area where slurry is being agitated

For more information on chemical and other farm safety issues, please check the HSA website.

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