New Course on Equine Safety

Whether a beginner or an experienced horse owner, equine safety awareness is vital both on the ground and in the saddle.

Equine activities also involve lifting and carrying heavy items, it is imperative that loads are manageable and safe lifting techniques applied to prevent back strain.

Equine Safety Training Ltd has developed a bespoke training course, ‘Health and Safety working with Equines (with manual handling)’, which is accredited by Lantra. The course covers the basic elements of health and safety, including how to identify and manage the risks involved in working with equines, common causes of accidents or illness, PPE, safe methods of handling, and the equipment required to safely handle equines. The course also covers the principles of manual handling, and the causes and consequences of incorrect manual handling.

Jill Power, Director of the course, said, “Equine Safety Training Ltd specialises in providing health and safety consultancy and training to the equine sector. While legislation requires employers to provide relevant health and safety training to their employees, until now, no course specifically tailored for the equine industry has been available.”

“The need for this training is paramount as insurance companies are now seeking formalised training for employees. This course will help employers reduce their annual insurance premiums, while protecting their staff and their business.”

This one day course offered by Equine Safety Training Ltd is a blend of theory and practical training, it can be delivered on premises across Ireland by Equine Safety and Training instructors. An awareness course which covers the theory elements of ‘Health and Safety working with Equines (with manual handling)’ is also available online and practical assessments can be arranged separately. This is particularly useful for the current pandemic situation whereby the theory can be completed online and the practical assessments can be completed when it is safe to do so.

Paula Smyth, Head of Business Development, said, “health and safety training is vital within the equine industry, proper training can reduce accidents, injuries and work related ill health. Lantra is delighted to support Equine Safety Training Ltd in the development of this course.”

For more information about the course or how to book a place, visit the website.

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