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Make Sure to Apply for €100M BEAM Scheme Before Sept 8th

IFA President Joe Healy has strongly encouraged all eligible beef and suckler farmers to apply for the €100m BEAM (Beef Exceptional Aid Measure) before the closing date of Sun, September 8th.

Joe Healy said online applications are open now and farmers should make sure to have their application completed and submitted before the closing date. He said any farmer that does not have access to a computer should seek assistance from the Department of Agriculture, Teagasc, their private planner or IFA.

He said the €100m scheme, which was secured by IFA, is worth €100 per finished animal and €40 per suckler cow.

Joe Healy said farmers who sold finished cattle in the marts are also eligible for the €100 payment. “IFA insisted on finished cattle sold through the marts being eligible. The scheme specifies that where cattle have been presented for slaughter by an agent or dealer within 30 days of purchase, including those purchased in a mart, payment may issue to the immediate previous herdowner.”

He said it is essential that any farmer who sold finished cattle through a mart or directly to a dealer or agent make an application under the scheme.

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said, “IFA campaigned very hard to secure this €100m funding. It’s essential that all eligible farmers apply. All of the money must be drawn down and paid out to farmers as soon as possible as they are in real financial need because of the crisis in the sector”.

He said despite some of the restrictive conditions imposed by Minister Creed and the EU Commission, farmers should make an application and the Minister must ensure that the €100m is paid out in full.

Based on data presented by the Department of Agriculture, over 37,000 beef finishers and 55,000 suckler farmers are eligible.

Angus Woods said the scheme covers cattle sold between September 24th 2018 and May 12th 2019 and sucklers cows with progeny born in 2018. He said with cattle prices still on the floor, it is essential Minister Creed secures another aid package for beef farmers to offset the ongoing severe Brexit losses on cattle sold since May 12th.

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