Dairymaster Podcast Featuring John Daly

Dairymaster is a world leading manufacturer of dairy farm equipment.

Their objective is to make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable. They do this by building better products. They have customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

The unusual thing about them it is that all activities and over 95% of our products are designed and manufactured in-house. Dairymaster has a strong commitment to scientific research to get the best performance from our products.

They use advanced software and electronics in order to do things more efficiently. They are members of the foremost scientific expert groups relating to milking. Dairymaster focus on R&D has resulted in higher production and improved performance for many of their customers.

Dairymaster is a front runner in terms of technology with the MooMonitor which is specifically designed to monitor cows fertility cycle and the FeedRite which is designed for precision nutrition of individual animals. Technology is applied in a unique way to reduce workload on farm. Their clients value the high performance capabilities of the equipment and its innovative features.


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Jack Mullen Editor of Farm Safely
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