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Tractors Will No Longer Be NCT’d

The Minister for Transport Shane Ross today (Thursday) signed a new statutory instrument reversing regulations requiring tractors to be NCT’d.

Sinn Féin’s agriculture spokesperson, Martin Kenny TD,  welcomed the decision to annul NCT’s on tractors.

He stated:

“Myself and Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice put down a joint motion last week to have this statutory instrument requiring NCTs for high powered road travelling tractors annulled.

“Yesterday in the Dáil, I asked the government chief whip that this be allowed to proceed through the house without debate as Minister Ross agreed that it was an error which needed to be corrected.

“I welcome the Minister’s decision to sign a new statutory instrument this morning which I have been told annuls the previous one and takes the need for NCT of tractors off the statute books.

“The Minister has indicated that he will bring in new regulations for high-powered road-travelling tractors by next May in order to comply with EU directives.

“I would ask that the Minister have proper consultation with all farm organisations in order that whatever regulations are introduced will be workable for farmers.”