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Publication of First Annual Report for Food Vision 2030

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue TD launched the first Annual Report for Food Vision 2030.

Minister McConalogue said, “Food Vision 2030 is our shared strategy for the future of agri-food in Ireland, developed for the sector, by the sector, with environmental, economic and social sustainability at its core. I am pleased to announce the publication of the first annual report for Food Vision 2030, which outlines how the sector is progressing its goals, including important work on environmental sustainability in the dairy and beef sectors, which has been progressed through specific stakeholder groups.”

“This is one of the stand-out characteristics of the Food Vision 2030 process, that stakeholders remain engaged and involved throughout. It is only by working together collaboratively, with all of the stakeholders having a voice and playing a role, that we can progress and meet our challenges and make the most of our opportunities.”

The Minister concluded, “in the past, the Irish agri-food industry has faced challenges but the sector has always shown resilience and agility in responding to change. Food Vision 2030 is an important element of the transition that will be required in the coming years and that it provides a strategic framework and a vision for a dynamic, sustainable and innovative agri-food sector. In progressing our journey to be a world leader in sustainable food systems, the agri-food sector will continue to contribute to national, EU and global food security, while continuing to provide a viable way of life for our farming and fishing communities.”

The Annual Report gives an overview of progress to date and highlights some of the key achievements within each of the four Food Vision missions. It also provides an update on the implementation and monitoring framework, including the work of the HLIC. Updates on the work of the Environmental Working Sub-Group (EWSG) and the monitoring carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency, highlight the considerable environmental challenges which must be addressed.

Food Vision contains four primary missions, 22 goals and 218 actions for the agri-food sector to work towards in the period to 2030. To date, six actions (3%) are now complete and the targets have been achieved, 64 actions (29%) have substantial action undertaken, 142 actions (65%) have commenced and are progressing, and six actions (3%) have not yet commenced. Among the key achievements are the development of Sustainability Plans for the Dairy and Beef Sectors; the work of the Seafood Sector Taskforce; the publication of the new All-Ireland Pollinator Plan; and Ireland’s participation in the UN Food Systems Summit.

The first Annual Report is available here.

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