TAMS 3 Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme (PPIS) is now open for applications. Applications can be made through your agfood account.

The Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS 3) provides grants to farmers to build and/or improve a specified range of farm buildings and equipment on their holding.

The Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme (PPIS) will:

• Assist farmers to purchase new equipment for the upgrading of pig and poultry units on their farms thereby supporting farmers’ compliance with animal welfare legislative.

• Facilitate energy efficient measures to improve competitiveness and contribute to the improvement of agricultural incomes.

Grant aid will only be paid on approved, completed, and eligible expenditure and shall be paid at the rate of 40% up to the applicable TAMS 3 PPIS maximum investment ceiling of €500,000

This ceiling includes the €90,000 ceiling available in the other seven TAMS 3 schemes and is in addition to the stand-alone ceilings for the Lower Emission Slurry Scheme (LESS) and the Solar Capital Investment Scheme (SCIS).

Use of this investment ceiling will reduce the €90,000 investment ceiling for all other TAMS 3 schemes, with the exception of LESS and SCIS.

In the case of an application by two or more eligible partners in a partnership registered on this Department’s Register of Farm Partnership the maximum eligible investment ceiling shall remain €500,000. Multiple applications per tranche are permissible. However, the minimum amount of investment which is eligible for approval under this Scheme is €2,000 per application.

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