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Over 1,000 Bales Donated To Local Farmers By Shannon Airport Amid Fodder Crisis

Over the weekend, a total of 1,265 round bales were harvested and supplied to local farmers experiencing fodder shortages by Shannon Airport.

Contractors rolled onto the 400 acre airfield in Co. Clare after 10am on Friday to begin harvesting bales for farmers across the region amid the fodder crisis caused by devastating weather conditions.

IFA President Joe Healy described the move as a “godsend”.

“It’s great. This puts farmers into good form, when you see the sunshine shining and see the mower working and the baler working and the bales stacked up here because farmers have just endured the worst winter on record.

“Those bales are a godsend and a life saver; the difference between farmers going to bed feeling very stressed and farmers going to be happy knowing that their animals have enough for tonight and tomorrow and next week.

“Normally it’s farmers helping farmers but for the likes of Shannon to come in and offer this, it shows the goodwill of Shannon Airport towards the farming community.”

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