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New Report From Teagasc Highlights How To Control Parasites In Sheep

A new report published by Teagasc highlights all available parasite control products for sheep producers.

The document contains five critical pieces of information on over 140 products. It provides information such as the brand name, the company name, the active ingredient, the parasites targeted, the route of administration, and the withdrawal period. This is a most important reference for farmers, stockists of products, veterinarians and agricultural advisors.

‘Products licensed for control of parasites in sheep in the Republic of Ireland’ was compiled by Dr Barbara Good of Teagasc Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre.

The information in the tables was compiled from SPC data sheets on the Health Products Regulatory Authority ( and European Medicine Agency websites ( accessed on the 10/07/17 and to the best of the author’s knowledge the information presented is correct at time of printing.

You can view the publication online using the following link.

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