79 piglets die as a result of Spanish farmer belly flopping them

A Spanish farmer has been jailed after 79 piglets died as a result of him leaping on them.

He was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for the act that a court in Almeria, Spain branded “unjustifiable and cruel”.

A colleague filmed this heinous crime on his phone and the incident was reported after being shared around Whatsapp.

The man and his colleague have been banned from working in any job connected to animals for three and a half years.

Both men, aged 18 and 22 at the time, were ordered to pay 4,470 euros, 60 euros for each piglet, in compensation to the company who owned the animals.

The defendants told the court this was meant to be a “prank” and a “joke”.

According to local media, 19 of the piglets were pronounced dead at the scene and a further 60 died later or had to be euthanised due to serious injury.

Warning, some viewers may find this footage highly disturbing.