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Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association Podcast

On this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Joanne Grennan and Cyril Wheelock from the Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association (ICFTA)

ICFTA was formed in December 2012 with the primary goal to help educate & train hoof trimmers to supply a quality service to customers through high standards of work, information and equipment.

They offer a group insurance scheme for all members, as well as information & check days organised for different parts of the country. They aim to help all hoof trimmers be successful in their work by broadening their knowledge base & keeping them updated with current practices.



In this podcast hosted by our Farm Safely CEO Máirtín Breathnach, Joanne and Cyril discuss the importance of carrying out hoof trimming processes safely and effectively.

Cyril discusses the formation of the organisation and highlights the important role it plays in maintaining high standards in the industry. Also, he explains the importance of providing good quality foot trimming services for the welfare of animals across the country.

Furthermore, Joanne talks about the benefits, such as safety insurance, of joining the organisation for any foot trimmers operating in the country. The organisation also provides regular and up-to-date training for all members operating in the industry.

To listen to the podcast in full on Spotify, please click here. To listen on Soundcloud, please click here.

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